No injuries reported in airport crash landing

Northeast Florida Regional Airport at St Augustine reported to Historic City News at about 3:27 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, that a 62-year-old local pilot got into trouble while trying to land his aircraft after the landing gear apparently suffered a malfunction.

A initial crash report was filed with the Florida Highway Patrol who classified the incident as “minor”.

“After receiving clearance to land from the tower, the pilot, who was not identified, engaged his landing gear and proceeded to land the aircraft,” the investigator stated.   “It was determined by the pilot that, at first, the right landing gear malfunctioned upon touchdown.  The left landing gear followed, giving way as the landing continued.”

The pilot was flying a single-seater plane and attempted to land on the runway of the airport.

The plane skidded to what appeared between 150-200 feet on the runway.

The pilot was uninjured during the crash.