Property Appraiser taking huge step forward with CycloMedia technology

St Johns County Property Appraiser Eddie Creamer is excited to announce to Historic City News subscribers that his office has reached a partnership with CycloMedia to provide high resolution and street level imagery of all business and residential areas in St Johns County.

Over the next three months, county residents will see the CycloMedia vehicles driving the roads of our county. Each vehicle is clearly marked and equipped with sophisticated and precise location and positioning equipment that will allow the imagery to be seamlessly integrated into our GIS and mapping systems.

“With the rapid growth in St Johns County, our office is constantly looking for more accurate and efficient means to assess properties,” Creamer told local reporters.  “Leveraging technology such as CycloMedia is a huge step forward for us.”

The cameras will be capturing high resolution street level imagery, 360 x 80 degrees, including provisions to capture elevations.

“The high-resolution imagery, as well as the light detection and ranging have a multitude of uses in local government,” the Property Appraiser said.  “This imagery will be integrated into our appraisal systems to help us more accurately and efficiently assess properties in our county.”

Creamer says that he will make the data available to all local government agencies within St Johns County.  Further, the images and data will be available to the public on their website in the first quarter of next year.

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