Sheriff again investigating his own deputy in a fatal police shooting last night without benefit of bodycam

Shortly after 9:00 p.m. last night, officers with the St. Augustine Police Department were called to a disturbance from the Park Place Condominiums located at 1590 Masters Drive, in St. Augustine.  A St Johns County deputy was in the area of the call and responded as backup for the primary responding police officer.

According to the sheriff’s spokesman, Chuck Mulligan, the first officer was dispatched to the call described as “an intoxicated man” attempting to leave the residence in a motor vehicle.  The complainant feared for the man’s safety and the safety of others on the road if the driver got behind the wheel.  Others at the location were said to be attempting to stop the man, who Historic City News has identified as 28-year-old Dustin James Acosta.

“The officer and deputy approached the residence.  They found and confronted Acosta at the front door,” according the sheriff’s media relations department.  “As the disturbance evolved, information was relayed that Acosta had garnered a firearm.”

Mulligan and other media at the scene are reporting that the confrontation escalated between Acosta and the police officer and sheriff’s deputy.  What we know at this time is that the confrontation resulted in gunfire, with both officers firing their service weapons, striking and killing Acosta at the scene.

The number of shots fired and the extent to which Acosta drew or fired another weapon is unknown; however, neither of the law enforcement officials, nor any other persons, were reportedly injured, Mulligan said.

Detectives with the St Johns County Major Crimes Unit along with Forensic Technicians have responded to investigate the incident.  Mulligan reported that additional information will be made available, pending preliminary investigative findings.  An autopsy is scheduled for today by the District Medical Examiner.