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H W Davis
  • EDITORIAL: Tell Travis Hutson to stay out of local building design

    If approved, Florida Senate Bill SB-284, and companion House Bill HB-55, entitled “Building Design”, will take away another tool from local government. This legislation seeks to remove the authority of local governments to regulate building designs in many areas.

    However, inside the 2021 Florida Legislative session, these Bills are advancing with little fanfare.  Generally, Historic City News editors believe that the least government intrusion into private business matters, the better.

    This Bill as written will:

    • take away the authority of local governments to work with citizens to protect the character of certain neighborhoods and districts important to the community’s character.
    • Undermine local economic development efforts that capitalize on the unique character of distinctive areas in the community.
    • Remove the ability of neighborhoods and local governments to promote neighborhood reinvestment through maintaining neighborhood character.

    Certain designated districts, like many found in St Augustine, as well as Community Redevelopment Authority districts (like the Lincolnville CRA), and Planned Unit Developments (like the San Sebastian Planned Unit Development) will remain exempt.

    Please call Senator Travis Hutson since he chairs the next committee stop and it is important that he hears from people in his district.  His local number is (386)446-7610 and the number in Tallahassee is (850)487-5007.

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