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  • Letter: Silverleaf development wants to add 5600 homes and 2408 acres

    Letter: Silverleaf development wants to add 5600 homes and 2408 acres

    Al Abbatiello, Chairman
    Wm. Bartram Scenic & Historic Highway Management Group

    Dear Historic City News readers:

    The developer of the already huge Silverleaf development in northwest St Johns County is planning a major expansion.  Silverleaf has asked to add 5600 residential units and 2408 acres to the development, for a total of 16,300 new homes.  The “plan” also includes more than 3,000,000 square feet of commercial space.

    Assume the addition of 2+ cars per household, and you can imagine the number of cars that will be traveling the already congested SR-13, SR-16, and CR-16A roadways every day.

    This major expansion also adds a connector road from the Scenic Highway (SR-13) into the heart of the Silverleaf development with access to the new Outer Expressway, I-95, Racetrack Road, St Johns Parkway, CR-2209, CR-210, Veterans Parkway, Long Leaf Pine, Roberts Road, and ultimately the Scenic Highway.  It’s also probable traffic signals will be added where the connector road crosses SR-13 and CR-16A.

    This SR-13 connector road increases motor vehicle traffic in this environmentally sensitive area of our Scenic Highway and negatively affects our ability to evacuate in the event of a major storm or other events.

    The SR-13 Scenic Highway Master Plan, previously accepted by St. Johns County planners and Commissioners, specifically suggests limiting traffic impacts on SR-13.  The proposed connector road will simply add more congestion in the area.

    The proposed expansion is scheduled to be heard by the St. Johns County Commission on Tuesday, October 19 at the County Auditorium at 9:00 a.m. The William Bartram Scenic Highway Corridor Management Group urges everyone to attend this hearing to make their views known.

    If you would like to review the documents related to the high-density major expansion being proposed by the Silverleaf development, send your email contact information to

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