No more mask requirement in City of St Augustine facilities

Pursuant to the governor’s Executive Orders 21-101 and 21-102, the City of St. Augustine announced to local Historic City News reporters that members of the public can no longer be required to wear masks when coming into City facilities.

Although masks are no longer required at public meetings or when conducting official business, City Manager John Regan is still using his position to bully those who have objected to the disputed benefit of wearing a facial mask.

“Masks are still strongly encouraged in crowded areas, per CDC guidelines,” Regan said, despite Executive Orders 21-101 and 21-102.  “I would also like to remind the public to remain respectful of each other’s personal wishes when it comes to wearing or not wearing a mask.”

Communications Director Melissa Wissel went on to say that the City is reminding the public to continue practicing good hygiene.

Like a second-grade school teacher, she feels compelled to tell us to “wash your hands often”, “clean high-use surfaces”, and “practice safe distancing” when interacting with others.  Meanwhile, the City operated public restrooms remain woefully inadequate to meet those requests.