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H W Davis
  • Replanting Vilano Beach dunes requires removal of all personal property

    The Jacksonville District office of the US Army Corps of Engineers has asked Historic City News to notify subscribers in the Vilano Beach, North Beach and Surfside areas to collect all portable personal property like beach and patio furniture, volleyball nets, temporary fencing and similar seasonal amenities from the dunes so that the final stages of beach renourishment can conclude.

    Although the request is broad, it only applies to temporary furniture, athletic equipment, and comparable items, from the top and seaward sections of the dunes.  This request does not apply to walkovers or similar, permanently fixed items.

    “Corps employees will begin work planting vegetation in the restored areas to strengthen the exposed dune-line and enhance the resilience of the recent beach protection project,” local reporters were told.  “The property at issue may be returned to the dunes — once planting is complete.  Please enjoy the great, coastal Florida outdoors while helping the Corps make the most of this important piece of our shore protection project.”

    The cooperation of homeowners and residents in the area will assist in the success of the recent beach re-nourishment project.  The unattended property makes it difficult or impossible for workers to effectively carry out their planting missions.

    The dune planting program will be ongoing seven days a week progressing from north to south along the top and seaward sides of the dunes as illustrated at  This last step is planned to be completed by the end of April.  The actual schedule may change due to weather conditions, personnel changes or other unforeseeable delays. Bear in mind that progress maps indicate latest projected locations and dates. The public is requested to check back on facebook for the latest maps and updated information.

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