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H W Davis
  • Tuesday March 9 local Tea Party meeting canceled

    St Augustine Tea Party chairman Lance Thate reported to Historic City News in St Augustine that due to unforeseen circumstances, the regularly scheduled open meeting at the Oasis Restaurant has been canceled for March 9, 2021.

    The chairman reported that again today, the new sheriff, like the old sheriff, appears to have a policy of promising an appearance without actually making a commitment.

    “We have been trying to get the new St Johns County Sheriff Robert Hardwick to address the St Augustine Tea Party,” Thate explained.  “We have always felt that the highest ranked constitutional law enforcement officer in our County is someone we want to hear from — especially as it regards the Second Amendment.”

    We had expected to have Commander Scott Beaver as our featured speaker on tomorrow night March 9th, but he has failed to confirm his appearance at this late date. This leaves us with no featured speaker for March 9th and without adequate time to procure a quality speaker.

    On another note, the Tea Party has been advised that the March 9 meeting at the Oasis would be the last meeting at that facility. The owner is preparing for increased seasonal trade and will have no private parties, at least for the Tea Party, available going forward.

    “We are going into dark days ahead,” Thate said in his communication to local members.  “Our next regularly scheduled meeting is uncertain, at least for this point in time.  We’ll keep you informed as conditions unfold.”

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