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  • Combating local sand dune erosion by planting 19,000 sea oats

    Florida Department of Transportation District 2 spokesperson Hampton Ray reported to Historic City News that over 40 staffers from across the District are supporting beach renourishment efforts along State Road A1A in Marineland by planting over 19,000 sea oats.

    One plant is capable of thriving in sandy dune conditions, holding sand and soil in place during severe weather events like hurricanes and tropical storms. Additionally, sea oats can collect blowing sand, continue building the dune and offer lasting stabilization.

    “Sea oats provide valuable erosion control for beach dunes due to their extensive root system,” said Jared W Perdue, Secretary of the Florida Department of Transportation in Lake City.  “Our innovative maintenance programs implement integrated vegetation management practices, which reduce long-term maintenance costs while increasing safety and sustainability.”

    Ray reported that through tailored maintenance programs, FDOT maintenance professionals enhance aesthetics and provide resilient, cost-effective solutions for taxpayers.  These programs include the planting of sea oats and wildflowers that support pollinators and beneficial insects as well as foster the growth of native grasses.

    According to Ray, FDOT officials routinely seek opportunities to work with the environment and landscaping to support transportation statewide. Stay informed about lane closures and roadwork in your area by following FDOT District 2 at @MyFDOT_NEFL on Twitter

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