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  • Interim Fire Rescue Chief named upon the retirement of Chief Jeffrey Prevatt

    In an announcement to Historic City News local reporters last week, 21-year St Johns County Fire Rescue veteran Raymond Scott Bullard was named interim fire rescue chief.  After 40 years of service to St Johns County, Chief Jeffrey Prevatt has retired.

    Interim Chief Bullard has served the department in various operational ranks, including as a firefighter, an engineer, a lieutenant, a captain, and a battalion chief.

    “Serving the people of St Johns County has been one of the greatest honors of my life,” Bullard told reporters.  “I’m looking forward to continuing that service as the Interim Fire Rescue Chief and leading the best fire department in Florida and the nation.”

    Chief Bullard was selected as the 2013 Fire Rescue Paramedic of the Year and has been instrumental in developing several department initiatives, such as the Firefighter Development Program and the Live Fire Instructor Training Program.

    St Johns County Administration informed Historic City News that the process of selecting a permanent fire rescue chief is underway.  Once a selection is made and approved by the Board of County Commissioners, it will be announced to the public.

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