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  • Letter: Place the purchase of public safety radios out for bid first

    Merrill Paul Roland, Esq.
    St Augustine, FL

    Dear Historic City News and readers:

    I have asked Chairman Dean and the members of the St Johns County Commission to place on hold the issuance of a $13 million Special Obligation Revenue Note to finance a non-competitive purchase contract for the replacement of radios used in the interoperable public safety radio system from Motorola Solutions, Inc. at what I believe is an inflated price.

    There are six companies, other than Motorola, that manufacture 800 Megahertz P25 two-way radios of the type you propose to purchase for the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office and Fire Rescue Department.  Motorola is not entitled to a “single source supplier” status in this matter.  We as taxpayers deserve the benefit of competitive bidding before the county completes a $14,716,774 purchase.

    The State of Florida put its State Law Enforcement Radio System out for bid and awarded the contract to L3 Harris of Melbourne, Florida.  The radios will be manufactured in America, not in Malaysia or Mexico as would be the case if they are ordered from Motorola Solutions.

    Please table Agenda Item # 14 at the Tuesday, November 15, 2022, meeting until this substantial purchase can be advertised to competitive bidders.

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