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H W Davis
  • Letter: Supporting the ethical candidate – Johnny Coe Counts

    Missi Davis
    St Johns County, FL

    When someone makes the choice to run for office, they are supposed to be the voice of their constituents. They are not supposed to be doing it for personal gain, favors, or backdoor deals. Each candidate is supposed to run their own race, on their own merit, not latch on to another candidate to drag them across the finish line.

    Working for a candidate has been such an eye-opener. I’m disgusted by one candidate who can’t run his own honest race. He is trying to latch on to other candidates to give himself a win. He’s put his signs, on top of our signs to give the illusion of running as a team.

    I have met property owners who gave Johnny Coe Counts permission to put up campaign signs. They were not happy to see an unauthorized and unsupported candidate’s sign on their properties. I am told that the candidate was asked to stop doing it and remove his signs immediately.

    One owner removed the unauthorized sign on his own because, like me, and many other Patriots, we are supporting Johnny Coe Counts for St Johns County Commission.

    Today I was again contacted by a property owner asking, “Where is my Johnny Coe Counts sign, and why is (another candidate’s sign) in its spot?” I went to look, and sure enough, the other sign was in front, and Johnny’s sign was out of sight. It had been pulled and was now hidden behind the other candidate’s sign

    This is not how a candidate should be behaving. If he can’t ethically run a campaign on his own, how is he going to ethically represent St Johns County? If he’s being sneaky and cheating now, what’s to come?

    Johnny Coe Counts is the only option for St Johns County Commission because he knows the county. He knows District 2 and its needs because he’s spent his entire life there. He has a great love and respect for the land.

    He’s a peacekeeper and friend to all. He started running this race in November and has shown great character running an honest and fair race, even against the other lazy entitled candidate who’s been trying to sabotage him at every turn.

    In short, when you go to vote, be sure to vote for honesty and integrity. Vote countywide for Johnny Coe Counts, Republican for St Johns County Commissioner District 2.

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