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H W Davis
  • New zoning to promote the development of mobility initiatives gets a public hearing

    On Monday, September 26, 2022, Historic City News subscribers are expected to participate in the regularly scheduled St Augustine city commission meeting when two ordinances will be heard on second reading that would create a new land use category and a new zoning district, ultimately allowing for higher density and transit-oriented development in the city limits.

    On July 11, 2022, the city first presented Ordinance 2022-14 and Ordinance 2022-15 outlining the proposed changes. City Commission members were provided a comprehensive discussion paper explaining the need, demand, impacts, and benefits of Mobility Oriented Development.

    “In response to recent discussions at the state and regional levels, the city is proactively creating a future land use category and zoning district in order to be able to allow for such development,” Planning and Building Director Amy Skinner commented. “This is inevitably coming, so we are preparing now.”

    If adoped by the commission Monday evening, Ordinance 2022-14, the Mobility Oriented Development “Future Land Use Category”, will be inserted into the Comprehensive Plan, and Ordinance 2022-15 will create a new compatible zoning district, also called a Mobility Oriented Development District.

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