The Florida 2022 Legislative Session begins

As the mid-term session of the Florida legislature proceeds over the next 60-days, Historic City News will report on issues of interest to our subscribers; residents, employees, and those connected to our home in St Augustine and St Johns County.

Florida’s Legislative Session began yesterday, and Tallahassee politicians are already at work, ready to shape laws and policies that will affect both residents and visitors.  Floridians are asking for the latest information about important legislation that will directly impact their neighborhoods.

“Stay tuned to learn more and take action,” cautioned a Local Voices United spokesman.  “Your voice will make a difference!”

For the past 22-years, our mission has been to hold public figures accountable to the public.    Local Voices United, advocates interested in home rule issues, will be one of our corresponding organizations this legislative session.  Their slogan simply states their position, “Government closest to the people is most accountable to the people.”  We agree.

Here are a few issues led by local communities:

  • Smoke-Free Zones

Current law prevents local towns and taxpayers from setting up smoke-free areas at public parks and beaches. Everyone should be able to enjoy Florida’s outdoor places. We support a new bill that empowers local voices to make local choices about the appropriateness of smoking at public parks and beaches.

  • Hotel Houses

Short-term rentals continue to cause problems in local communities. Drug smuggling, late-night parties, and everyday nuisance complaints such as garbage in the streets are harming the quality of life, public safety, and property values. Local Voices supports legislation that would protect the property rights of ALL homeowners.

  • Tree Protection

Local issues like tree trimming should be decided locally, not by distant state governments. Local Voices United supports legislation to return tree trimming decision-making authority to local communities — where it belongs.

We will continue to report as the session unfolds.  In addition to our fully searchable website accessible at, you can be part of the discussion on our Facebook at, and follow us for up-to-date headlines at