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  • Freese and Nichols add Cheryl Robitzsch as Design-Build Leader

    Freese and Nichols have announced to Historic City News local reporters the new hire of Cheryl Robitzsch, PE, a nationally recognized water and wastewater project leader, to head the Design-Build team as they help communities complete vital infrastructure projects from their offices in Jacksonville.

    Robitzsch, a one-time candidate for St Johns County Board of Commissioners, received her Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Kansas.  She is licensed as a Professional Engineer in Florida, Georgia, and Maryland.  She is also certified as a design-build professional through the Design-Build Institute of America.

    “Cheryl understands the needs of communities that have aging infrastructure and are challenged with completing replacements and upgrades quickly,” said Tricia Hatley, Freese and Nichols Executive Vice President for Operations. “Her experience will help us refine our teaming partnerships with contractors and bring clients even more insights for choosing the best delivery approach for their projects.”

    With 36 years of design and management experience, she can deliver projects through innovative and collaborative partnerships from concept to completion, according to her professional bio.

    She served on the Florida Design-Build Institute of America Executive Committee and is a member of the Water Environment Federation and the American Water Works Association. She also served as a contributor to the Water Collaborative Delivery Association, providing a technical and critical review of the Progressive Design-Build section of the revised edition of the Water and Wastewater Design-Build Handbook.

    According to Hatley, Robitzsch will work for the firm across all the regions served in the southern United States. Hatley stated that Cheryl brings knowledge from all sides of a water project: as a consulting engineer, construction contractor, and public project owner.

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