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H W Davis
  • K-9 Deputy Maverick retires after 9 years of service

    Last Friday, January 20th, Historic City News learned of the retirement of K-9 Deputy Maverick from the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office.  Maverick is an 11-year-old, dual-purpose Belgian Malinois, born January 29, 2012.  He has served with honor and distinction since 2014.

    The American Kennel Club says that the smart, confident, and versatile Belgian Malinois is a world-class worker who forges an unbreakable bond with his human partner.  After joining the department, he was briefly assigned to Lieutenant Josh Underwood.  A year later in April 2015, Maverick was reassigned to his current handler, Corporal John Floyd.

    “In all his time at the agency, Maverick has never failed any portion of a K-9 certification,” Corporal Floyd told local reporters.  “He is routinely used in K-9 Demonstrations across the county, including a bill signing with Governor DeSantis.”

    Maverick has assisted in the arrest of hundreds of criminals, either by detecting and locating narcotics or by apprehending fleeing felons. The department is sending their wishes for lots of treats in Maverick’s retirement.  In an announcement, they wrote that although K-9 Maverick will be missed, his legacy will always live on.

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