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  • Kendall announces candidacy for State Representative

    On Wednesday, March 1, Kim Kendall reported to Historic City News that she has filed to run for the State Representative, District 18 seat which encompasses northern St. Johns County. Kendall is a conservative Republican who puts God, family, and liberty first.  Representative Cyndi Stevenson currently holds the seat but reaches her term limit next year.

    After receiving her bachelor’s degree from Florida State University in Public Relations, Kendall began working as an FAA air traffic controller.  She also owned and operated two local dry cleaners.  Since moving to St. Johns County, she has spent the last 20 years fighting issues such as safety, infrastructure, education, lower taxes, parental control, and Judeo-Christian values.

    When asked why she has dedicated her time to tackling big matters in Florida and St. Johns County, she said, “It’s my passion and I never back down from a challenge. When I was approached to co-found middle school sports and was told it was impossible, I couldn’t wait to get busy organizing the right team and plan to make it happen!”

    Three years ago, Kendall was approached by residents of St. Johns Forest concerning their children being forced to ride their bikes along a very dangerous section of CR-2209/SR-9B. She learned that there have been numerous severe accidents in the area.  In one case, a car flipped onto the children’s sidewalk and missed hitting students by mere minutes. Kendall continued to fight, organize, and keep the issue alive until last week when the students were allowed to ride the school bus again.

    “This is the type of care and determination I will give to all the issues,” Kendall told local reporters.  “I will make sure your concerns are addressed if you send me to Tallahassee to represent you.”

    The primary election is August 20, 2024, and the general election is November 5, 2024.

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