Letter: Say no to smart meters

Letter: Say no to smart meters

James Arpaia
St Augustine, FL

Dear Editor:

I just received a notice from the Florida Power & Light Company advising me that they will be installing a “Smart Meter” on my home in a few weeks.

It sounds simple enough…the new meters will use digital technology and communicate with the FP&L over a “secure” wireless network. Why?…so that FP&L can monitor my use of power when I turn on my AC, my stove, my hot water, etc.

Again, I must ask Why…because it also tells FP&L when I am home, or not. How many people are in my home, and what activities we are engaging in…another insidious step toward “Big Brother Is Watching You”.

I sent a registered letter telling Florida Power & Light not to install this meter on my home but as an individual, it is not enough.

I would like the St. Johns County Board of Commissioners to ask the PUC and FP&L to not install these “Smart Meters” in St. Johns County until further studies are done to determine their safety and use.

Why is FP&L rushing the installations now during the Election period…because they know we will be distracted?

These “Smart Meters” are a part of the United Nations “Agenda 21”…to gain control and monitor the movements of the population. It is another major step in the continuous erosion of our Freedom…our Freedom to be free of government control.

I would much rather see FP&L start a program to put all power lines underground and do away with the ugly telephone poles and overhead wires. If they can do it for new upscale housing developments, the can do it everywhere. Think of the savings that would come about as a result.

It is time for “We the People” to respond.