Sheriff seeks ID of Crescent Beach homicide victim

Community Affairs Corporal Catherine Payne is asking Historic City News readers for help in identifying human remains discovered by the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office a mile north of the Crescent Beach ramp — over 27 years ago.

The remains were located about ten-feet from the high-tide level, between 2-3 feet below the dune level.

Numerous healed fractures were observed and three distinctive surgical burr holes in the skull; leading the medical examiner to rule the manner of death a homicide. The advanced decomposition of the body precludes a conclusion as to the cause-of-death, without further evidence. A DNA profile was developed from the remains through the University of North Texas.

A forensic examination conducted by the University of Florida determined the remains are likely those of a white female, approximately 5’7” tall, with light brown or blonde hair, believed to be between 20-40 years-old, who died between 1-5 years prior to the discovery on April 11, 1985.

Federal Bureau of Investigations analysts examined the remains and used current technology to reconstruct the facial features to develop photographs believed to resemble the victim at the time of her death.

Anyone with information concerning the possible identity of this victim is asked to contact Detective Sean Tice at (904)209-2192 or Crime Stoppers.