Shoppers camp-out for Black Friday

Historic City News editor Michael Gold shared holiday cheer and an issue of his favorite weekday news journal with shoppers camped-out in front of Best Buy on Colonial Drive in Orlando; eager to cash-in on special prices traditionally reserved for the first, official day of Christmas shopping.

When asked what item brought the first-in-line out, two days early, we were told that it wasn’t an item — it was several items on their Christmas list.

“We can get a 40″ HD television for $170, isn’t that worth it?,” was the response. “We can save $240 on the TV and get a Sony Play Station 3 for $199.”

By noon on Thanksgiving-eve, there were already five or six groups in line; complete with tents, sleeping bags, folding chairs and coolers with snacks and drinks socked away for the cold nights ahead. Management in the store says that after the Thanksgiving dinner is served, the line should be “considerably longer” because many of the discounted items promoted are only available on a first-come-first-served basis and are in limited supply.

Doors will open at midnight; and, retailers who have been struggling with a waning economy, are hoping that a little Christmas magic will come their way during the critical shopping weeks ahead.