2019 tax roll estimates sent to St Johns County Taxing Authorities

Eddie Creamer, St. Johns County Property Appraiser, announced to Historic City News this week that his office has provided the June 1st estimates of the 2019 tax roll to St. Johns County Taxing Authorities.

The initial estimate shows an increase in the value of real property in the County of 9.44%, an increase from last year’s level of 8.83%. The value of tangible personal property increased by 1.42% compared to 3.77% last year. The initial estimate shows the total tax roll up by $2.37 billion dollars or 9.13%.

“Our team did an excellent job preparing the initial estimates,” Creamer stated.  “We are accessing almost 138,127 real estate parcels and over 9,190 tangible personal property tax returns.”

Creamer told local reporters that he is confident in the overall values in the initial estimate as the very large number of qualified sales are giving a solid indication of market values.

“We added 4,379 newly constructed homes to the tax roll with a taxable value of approximately $1.094 billion,” Creamer pointed out.  “We qualified over 10,000 sales of real estate in the county for 2019.”