Tea Party speaker asks attendees if they want Capitalism or Socialism

Historic City News readers are patriotically invited to attend the open meeting of the Saint Augustine Tea Party on Tuesday, June 11th at 6:30 pm, held at the Village Inn located at 900 N. Ponce de Leon Boulevard, in Saint Augustine.  Business consultant, Paul Livingston will be the guest speaker. 

Capitalism or Socialism? That is one of the most important questions leading up to the United States Presidential Election on November 3, 2020.

Like the disastrous failure seen today in Venezuela, Socialism promises a utopia that never happens. The socialist government structure creates an elite power group to manage, control, and to become rich. This ruling class controls the distribution of goods and services, taking from some, giving to others; picking winners and losers.

“Socialism is a dead-end road that consumes wealth and punishes production as it undermines the three individual liberties upon which economic progress depends: 1. The pursuit of self-interest 2. The division of labor 3. Freedom of trade,” Livingston says.

In contrast, Capitalism is based on the individual, not the commune, according to Livingston. It is an economic system where private individuals or businesses, rather than the government, own and control the factors of production. Livingston will argue that Capitalism’s success is dependent on a free market economy, driven by supply and demand.

Members and guests are encouraged to attend what Chairman Lance Thate promises to be a very interesting presentation. In addition, as a FairTax volunteer, Mr. Livingston will outline a solution for our complicated tax code.

A question and answer session will follow, subject to available time. There is no admission charge and you do not need to be a member of the Saint Augustine Tea Party to attend and participate. For additional information, visit their website at SaintAugustineTeaParty.Org