Mayor Shaver: Where is she now?


Historic City News editor Michael Gold had the opportunity to catch up with former St Augustine Mayor Nancy Shaver today as she continues her convalescence.  We have been fortunate enough to speak with Nancy a few times over the past four months since she continues to follow Historic City News and keep up with comings-and-goings in town.

So, where is she now?  We receive requests for updates on the mayor since the devastating stroke that led to her resignation just months into her third term after election.  She has allowed us to share some of that answer with you, our readers.

“Right now, I’m in Virginia.  I’m focused on rehab of all sorts and grateful for all the prayers, cards, and emails,” Mayor Shaver wrote.  “And, I’m especially thankful to my family and to the many people whose swift action made it possible for me to be able to write this today.”

When Shaver and her late husband, Sean, bought their home on South Street, an additional vacant lot became part of the purchase.  Shaver said that at the time she thought it would be nice to have the extra buffer.  They were moving to St Augustine to be close to the water, part of the vibrant community and its history, and because they knew Sean’s health was worsening.

“I’m so looking forward to coming home,” Shaver told Historic City News.  “I’ll be making a trip at the end of June for medical appointments and to see the progress on my new treehouse.”

She has kept their original house, but, in true Nancy Shaver style, she is building a new, modern home — with all the eco-friendly features.

It’s being built to be “sea-level rise” ready, she said in an e-mail on Monday.  Maintaining the ecological balance and planning for our inescapable destiny are integral parts of her design. Shaver has always been devout in planning for the approach of rising tides in Florida.