Beach commission is on-board with homestead exemption audit

On Monday evening, May 6, 2019, the City of St Augustine Beach held a commission meeting, discussing and presenting issues, like Older Americans Month, Municipal Clerk’s Week, a request from St. Johns County Property Appraiser, Wanda Forest of the North Florida Transportation Organization presented a review of the five-year transportation improvement plan, a second reading of an ordinance concerning building permit fees, award of a bid for the Urban Forestry Management Plan, and a first reading of an ordinance concerning business tax receipts.

Lynn Eberly and Tom Torretta of St. Johns County Council on Aging proclaimed May as Older Americans Month – recognizing the growing population of older Americans and presenting a commitment to partner with St. Johns County and St. Augustine Beach to strengthen the community by supporting older adults. Please visit the St. Johns County Council on Aging website for more information

Beverly Raddatz, City Clerk, proclaimed May 5 to 11 as Municipal Clerk’s Week. The Office of the Municipal Clerk provides the professional link between the citizens, and the local governing bodies and agencies, while striving to provide exceptional administrative service. For more information, please visit the International Institute of Municipal Clerk’s website:

St. Johns County Property Appraiser Eddie Creamer made a repeat presentation of the one Historic City News readers heard before the St Augustine City Commission at their last meeting, as he makes his way to each taxing authority in the county.  Creamer intends to implement a plan to audit homestead exemption claims to verify that those who are claiming the exemption are entitled to it. This audit may provide additional tax revenue to the City of St. Augustine Beach. The City of St. Augustine Beach approved a motion for Mayor George to sign the contract, which will be presented at the regular Commission Meeting on June 10.

Ordinance 19-06 to allow the setting of building permit and related fees by resolution was presented for a first public hearing and a second reading. It will be presented for a second public hearing and final reading at the Regular Commission Meeting on June 10.

Alex Far, Vice President of the Beautification Advisory/ Tree Board presented the reward of a bid for the Urban Forestry Management Plan. This plan would help to identify the number and species of trees on public land, as well as help identify areas in which more trees may be needed and suggest which species to plant. In January 2019, the City received a grant to put this plan into action; thus, the City sent an RFP for services. At the May 6 meeting, The City accepted the bid from Legacy Arborist Services and will finalize a contract, so Legacy Arborist Services will begin work as soon as possible.

Beverly Raddatz presented an ordinance that updated business tax receipt categories and fee structures, increasing the fees by five percent. This increase will provide The City with additional revenue. After discussion, the Commission adopted this ordinance.

For more information, please visit The City of St Augustine Beach at, or on Facebook and Instagram.