City of St Augustine Beach celebrates 30-years-of-service by City Manager

Historic City News received word that as part of its celebration of 60-years as a municipality, the City of St Augustine Beach surprised City Manager Bruce Maxwell “Max” Royle with a cake in honor of 30-years-of-service.

On October 25, the City hosted an open house recognizing 60-years of memories with a “step back in time”. The birthday coincided with Florida City Government Week, which seemed an appropriate time to recognize Royle, who completed 30-years-of-service on July 24th.

“It has been very rewarding to serve our wonderful City in this capacity,” said Royle during the ceremonies. “I am thankful for this opportunity, the City, and its residents.”

For the prior week, the public could visit City Hall and peruse artifacts from the City’s past, including historical display with pictures. During the open house, families could visit the trivia table while they enjoyed refreshments.

Cindy Walker, spokesman for the City of St Augustine Beach, thanked the City’s residents, the St Augustine Historical Society, the St Augustine Beach Civic Association, St Augustine Beach volunteers, and community partners for their contributions to the display. “The City would also like to recognize Mayor George and Vice Mayor England for providing the refreshments served at this event,” Walker told local reporters.

Florida City Government Week, sponsored by the Florida League of Cities, is a celebration that raises awareness about the importance of municipal government. The League is the official organization of the municipal governments in Florida.