Facebook and Instagram expel extremist figures

Historic City News editor Michael Gold knows all too well about various social media outlets censoring conservative views under the pretext of halting false “right-wing” opinions and “extremist” views.

Withering criticism for allowing hate to spread online and their inability to root out misinformation may have led to the realization at Facebook and Instagram that the socialist movement in this country is as dangerous as it claims the extreme right to be.

The use of high-profile communications to deliver the messages of extremism and fanaticism are of legitimate concern; but, censorship of one extreme does not bring you to the center.  It was announced today that controversial zealous figures Alex Jones, Louis Farrakhan and Milos Yiannopoulos — among several other zealots — were kicked off both platforms as of yesterday, May 2nd.

Facebook is the latest tech company to officially declare them persona non grata. Many of them have already been banned from Twitter, YouTube and Apple’s Podcasts app. 

Some of those banned from Facebook are simply moving to other platforms.