Finding lower gasoline prices at the pump – before they go back up

Historic City News learned through the Auto Club Group AAA, that the price of gasoline in Florida fell seven-cents in the past week, and 10-cents in the past 10 days, heading back below $2.40 a gallon.

Despite the good news, AAA says you may want to fill up now — because gasoline prices might be heading back up soon.

“Florida gas prices declined as anticipated last week but could move slightly higher again in the coming days,” stated AAA Auto Club Group spokesman, Mark Jenkins. “Refineries are still conducting maintenance, and gasoline demand is at a higher level than usual for this time of year.”

This has led to lower gasoline supply levels, which pushed wholesale gasoline prices a few-cents higher last week. As a result, the state average could soon return to around $2.43 per gallon.

The latest drop puts Florida’s average gas prices at $2.39.  That’s almost 21-cents per gallon lower than the national average, and 31-cents per gallon lower than what Floridians were paying a year ago.

  • Jacksonville area gasoline, which includes St Augustine and St Johns County, is selling at an average of $2.33 per gallon.
  • In Sarasota and Pensacola, it’s $2.37, Fort Myers, $2.39, Naples and Fort Lauderdale, $2.42.
  • In Gainesville, gasoline is $2.46 per gallon, while in Palm Beach County, gas costs $2.51 per gallon and in Miami, gas costs $2.48.

Florida drivers are saving almost $5 on a full tank of gasoline due to recent low prices at the pump.

Florida’s cheapest gasoline can be purchased at Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, $2.32 per gallon, Orlando, $2.33 and Punta Gorda-Charlotte, $2.33.

The most expensive fuel is found at Panama City $2.52; West Palm Beach-Boca Raton $2.51, and Tallahassee, $2.47.

The national average is $2.61 per gallon. This time last year, Floridians were paying $2.71 per gallon, according to AAA.