Guest: Our Patriotic President

By Diane Scherff, President
Trump Club of St Johns County

On July 4, 1776, 13 colonies claimed their independence from England, an event which eventually led to the formation of the United States of America. Each year on the Fourth of July, Americans celebrate Independence Day when America absolved itself from all allegiance to the British Crown.

Ironically, as President Trump plans a military-themed celebration to honor our country on July 4, 2019, liberal activist critics are complaining about the “military-theme”. Anti-war Code Pink members arrived at the Lincoln Memorial on Wednesday, July 3rd.  They stated in a press release that they intend “to protest the militarization of July 4th” and hold an “anti-imperialist festival” on Thursday at the National Mall just blocks away from the national celebration.

Their plans include floating a disgusting “Baby Trump” balloon similar to those flown at protests in London. I doubt the National Park Service will allow the Pinkies to continue with their diabolical and disgraceful plan, but it does make you wonder. 

  • Why do the libs hate our country so much?
  • Because for the first time in decades, we have a President who loves our country? 
  • A patriot who believes that we are good, and who plans to speak at our Independence Day celebration instead of playing golf?

Our President will also display all our military’s bells and whistles in honor of those who fought for our freedoms.  Instead of raising the Flag and singing the National Anthem with our President, they would rather make fun of him, our country, and of all Americans.

  • Why do the liberals hate us so much that they are protesting our own Patriotism?
  • Is it because they have learned from the Deep State to HATE the United States of America instead of being proud of what we have and for what we have accomplished?

If only John Hancock, President of the Continental Congress in 1776 and a man who signed the Declaration of Independence, could be here to see these ignorant, despicable people.  They are trying to destroy the greatest country on the planet, one which he envisioned.