Indivisible St Johns releases Florida Report Card 2019

As if the St Johns County Sheriff hadn’t learned his lesson about the wisdom of issuing a “report card” to elected county commissioners, based on whether they agree or disagree with his version of what’s best for county residents, the resistance group Indivisible St Johns, has followed in his steps, issuing their own “report card” ranking of our Florida Legislators for the 2019 session.

The grades were no surprise to us, given that the gang cites their first principle as, “Donald Trump’s agenda will take America backwards and must be stopped.”

Indivisible St Johns, the “Anti-Trump” collective, says that they graded each legislator based on their votes on issues that matter to Floridians.  The topics stated were our economy, our public schools, our environment, our civil rights, reproductive freedom, gun safety, and more.

Historic City News obtained a copy of their Report Card for 2019.

Indivisible St Johns, who declare that they are an arm of the national INDIVISIBLE movement, wanted to know if Florida Senator Travis Hutson (District 7) ( Republican), Florida House of Representatives member Cyndi Stevenson (District 17) (Republican), and Florida House of Representatives member Paul Renner (District 24) (Republican), voted to put the people first instead of powerful special interests, as they see it.

Spoiler alert:  They all three FAILED.

Florida Report Card: Hutson (35%) “F”
Florida Report Card: Stevenson (29%) “F”
Florida Report Card: Renner (29%) “F”

You can contact your legislators at either their District Office or Capitol Office at the following addresses and set them straight on those failing grades.

Florida Senator Travis Hutson

District Office Capitol Office
4875 Palm Coast Parkway, NW314 Senate Building
Suite 5404 South Monroe Street
Palm Coast, FL 32137Tallahassee, FL 32399-1100
(386) 446-7610(850) 487-5007
Senate VOIP: 40700Senate VOIP: 5007
FAX (888) 263-3475
Legislative Assistants:Legislative Assistant:
Danielle Curbow, Matthew KauffmannJohn Kotyk

Florida House of Representatives member Cyndi Stevenson

District OfficeCapitol Office
Suite 902  402 South Monroe Street
309 Kingsley Lake Drive303 House Office Building
St Augustine, FL 32092-3048Tallahassee, FL   32399-1300
Phone (904) 823-2300Phone: (850) 717-5017
District Secretary: Legislative Assistant:
Shorty RobbinsKaley Slattery

Florida House of Representatives member Paul Renner

District Office Capitol Office
Suite 1418 The Capitol
4877 Palm Coast Parkway NW402 South Monroe Street
Palm Coast, FL 32137-3677Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300
Phone (386) 446-7644 Phone (850) 717-5024
District Secretary:Legislative Assistant:
None reportedNone reported