League of Women Voters scrambles to register felons to vote before July 1

The controversial left-driven League of Women Voters is disappointing conservative Florida residents, once again, as they rush to register ex-felons to vote before a July 1st deadline that requires criminals to have fulfilled all financial obligations associated with their sentence including court fees, fines and restitution to their victims.

Senate Bill 7066 provides implementation of Amendment 4, however, the League argues the Bill “subverted the will of voters who intended non-violent ex-felons to be able to register to vote after they had served their sentences”. 

Governor DeSantis, who is expected to sign the Bill, has said that the Amendment required legislative approval before it could be implemented.  In part, SB 7066 clarifies that until such time as all the terms of a felony sentence had been satisfied, both confinement AND financial obligations, the offender remained ineligible to have their voting rights restored.

At issue for the League is a statement from the state saying they have no plans to pursue penalties against individuals who register to vote under Amendment 4 before the implementing bill takes effect, according to a report by Florida Politics writer Janelle Irwin Taylor

That news leaves the League about two-weeks to reach offenders who have been released from prison, but who have been unable to vote, pre-Amendment 4, due to felony criminal records. 

The League has already launched a training program for lawyers and announced to Historic City News that they are holding registration drives across the state on June 15th and 29th.  The League’s goal appears to be to register those felons before the July 1st deadline when they will be required to also satisfy court fees, fines, and restitution in addition to confinement.