Letter: Wrong on the Right-of-Way?

Lee Geanuleas
St Augustine Residents Count

Dear Historic City News readers:

Remember on January 14, 2019 when Michael Cullum, Public Works Director for the City of St Augustine, told the City Commission that the city “did not have legal access” to the Coquina Creek outfall?

That wasn’t true.

The picture below shows clearly the city has an 18 foot right-of-way on either side of Coquina Avenue.  The red dotted lines define the right-of-way on either side of the Coquina Creek outfall. This representation is based on data from the St Johns County Property Appraiser’s website. In the picture you can clearly see the city lift station on the east side of the road opposite the creek outfall.

These two pictures show the right-of-way in the Coquina Creek outfall from the either side.  The right-of-way extends about 15 feet into the Coquina Creek outfall channel.

On January 14th, the City Commission WAS NOT informed of the existence of a right-of-way; however, city staff now admits the right-of-way exists.

So, the city HAS ALWAYS HAD legal access to the outfall. The Commission was misinformed and not given all the facts.  And if the city needs access to the channel beyond the existing right-of-way, it could obtain a construction easement. This is routine for municipalities.

Now, the city intends to spend nearly $500,000 in precious reserve funds to buy property based on an incorrect statement to the City Commission.

It’s just about a park.

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