Local teen presents film creation “Mushino” at international convention

The Crown Plaza Hotel in Chicago was the scene of this year’s G-Festival convention; where the “G” stands for Godzilla!  A large audience of fans from all over the world enjoyed the film “Mushino”, a creation of 18-year-old Raphael Cosme III, son of Historic City News photojournalist Raphael Cosme.

The 80-minute film Mushino is completely original.  It took about a year for Cosme to complete the filming from the studio he built in his residence in St.  Augustine.

The film audience took notes during the screening and participated in an active question and answer session following the movie.  Cosme was questioned about the techniques used to create the science-fiction monster.

Among some of his fans, Cosme met 16-year-old Thomas Martin Micke who gave him a handmade figurine of the Mushino creature. Other fans who attended, and follow his work on YouTube, took photos with Cosme and got autographs.

Among several actors attending G-Fest XXVI, was Akira Takarada; who portrayed the character of Hideto Ogata in the original 1954 Godzilla movie.  Among other honored guests and celebrities in the Godzilla fandom; Peggy Neal, Yoshikazu Ishii, Shusuke Kaneko, and Takuji Yamada.

The 26th Annual International Convention of Godzilla (G-Fest) surpassed 5,000 attendees

Cosme continues to create films; and, this year, a new film character will make its debut on his YouTube channel “kaijuzilla621”. Cosme was admitted to the faculty of film production at Jacksonville University.