Ribbon cutting ceremony set for opening of continuous sidewalk network

Historic City News readers are invited to attend the ribbon cutting, which will take place between Allegro and Executive Center, on Thursday, November 14, at 9:00am.  Parking will be available at Executive Center, located at 1301 Plantation Island Drive South.

The City of St Augustine Public Works Department’s Mobility Division announced the completion of a sidewalk installation project along Planation Island Drive that includes an 8-ft wide and 3,000-linear-foot sidewalk that improves pedestrian and bike connectivity to a business park, assisted living facility, commercial and residential properties.

The newly constructed sidewalk now provides a pedestrian and bike facility separated from the road that allows a resident who resides along Plantation Island Drive access to the beach or downtown via a continuous sidewalk network.

The project is part of the City’s Mobility Program and is a result of the City’s Vision, Citizen Survey Results and Mobility Framework which focus on improving pedestrian and bicycle facilities to enhance the quality of life and livability of the City.


  1. St Augustine is way behind in having accessible sidewalks. They stop and start for no apparent reason. This town would be much easier to get around without a car (especially for those that do not drive) if this issue was addressed. I have never lived in a town with such a poor trail system.

    • I totally agree. The king’s estate and Cypress Rd is so dangerous to walk or ride a bike. I think people need to be fined for letting their dogs run free. It’s dangerous for the animal and who ever is walking their dog on a leash it’s really getting out of hand. Im disgusted I can’t just go for a walk whenever I want. It against my pursuit of happiness.

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