Teens gang up and attempt armed robbery of a victim at City Park

On Sunday, February 17, at about 8:00 p.m., Historic City News was notified that St Augustine police officers responded to a report that a group of juveniles were engaged in a fight at the Project Swing Park, located across from the entrance to the Historic Downtown Parking Facility at 1 South Castillo Drive.

According to the report by patrol officer Johnathan Brown, one of the teens was assaulted by a group of four black males who ganged up on him then started digging through his pockets.  During the assault, the would-be robbers asked the victim, “what you got?” and demanded that he “give it up!”.

The victim resisted and refused to comply.  He kept his hands in his pockets.  A friend attempted to defend the victim, then a physical altercation ensued. At that time, the victim told police that he heard someone yell, “Gun!” People began to run from the scene; but, one female witness told officers that when she heard the warning call, she looked up and observed one of the juvenile defendants pulling a gun from his waistband.  She said he pointed the firearm at another one of the male teens.

Officers were able to locate several of the teenagers involved. They told officers that the firearm had been left behind. After two were placed into custody, the defendants ultimately led officers to the hidden firearm; a .45 caliber GLOCK semi-automatic pistol, hidden in the bushes at 146 King Street. The two juveniles are charged with attempted robbery with a firearm.

Corporal Chris Miller, the supervisor on duty, reported that as the investigation continues, there are still charges pending against another teen who may have participated in the crime. Police executed an outstanding arrest warrant against one of the group.

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