Traffic pattern changes for westbound May Street

As part of the reconstruction improvements on San Marco Avenue, Historic City News readers will notice a change in traffic patterns on Wednesday, August 21st when traveling westbound on May Street from Vilano Beach.

Westbound May Street traffic will no longer use the south connector to San Marco Avenue; instead, all westbound traffic from Vilano Beach will use the north connector to travel to San Marco Avenue, West San Carlos Avenue, SR-16 and US-1.

Barring inclement weather and unforeseen circumstances, the Florida Department of Transportation will open three lanes on the north connector that are controlled by signals at the intersection with San Marco Avenue.

These lanes serve the following traffic movements:

  • Westbound May Street traffic wishing to travel south on San Marco Avenue will use the inside (left) travel lane on the north connector and travel south (left) into the middle lane on San Marco Avenue (orange on the map).
  • Westbound May Street traffic wishing to access West San Carlos Avenue to travel to US-1, will use the middle travel lane on the north connector, travel south (left) into the outside (right) lane on San Marco Avenue, and then travel west (right) on West San Carlos Avenue (blue on map).
  • Westbound May Street traffic wishing to travel north on San Marco Avenue towards State Road 16 will continue to use the outside (right) lane on the north connector to travel north (right) onto northbound San Marco Avenue. This traffic movement must yield to northbound traffic traveling through the slip lane. (green on map)

Cones and barrels are in place for the safety of the traveling public and construction workers. Motorists are encouraged to adhere to the posted speed limit, follow regulatory signs and pavement markings that safely guide them through the construction zone. Drivers should stay alert and avoid distracted driving.

Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractors was selected to complete the $9.3 million intersection and drainage improvements. The intersection work is expected to be completed in late summer 2019, weather and unforeseen circumstances permitting. Drainage improvements on May Street are expected to begin once the intersection reconstruction is finished.