Update on Mayor Nancy Shaver

In response to regular telephone calls, e-mail and text messages, Historic City News editor Michael Gold took the opportunity recently to reach out to former St Augustine mayor, Nancy Shaver, just to catch up on what interesting new adventure is keeping her occupied and how she’s doing with her recuperation.

She paid St Augustine a visit recently to check on the progress of her “treehouse”, being built on the lot behind her regular residence.  Lot’s of fun with that project, as she applies everything she’s learned about environmental construction methods and forward-thinking ideas taking into account the mounting risks of sea-level rise.

According to Mayor Shaver, she’s planning a visit in October and then again before the Holidays.  We’ll keep her thousands of friends and well-wishers posted when we learn more specific details.  She reminds us that she will always love St Augustine and the people here.

Anyone who knows Nancy very well knows that she’s not likely to sit still — whether she says she’s retired or even while her health is on the mend.  Although there are no more 9-5 schedules on the horizon, lately she has immersed herself into the study of photography and she says she may have found her next career!

She’s been kind enough to forward along a small sample of the hundreds of photographic images that she’s collected along her road to a full recovery.  She says she’ll be learning more about framing and printing in the coming weeks and months and that she enjoys working with her hands again. 

Enjoy the photos and post her a message on your favorites.  She will love to hear from you since she continues to read Historic City News online every day.