Weekend home invasion victim tricked into meeting robber for sex

Historic City News has received details of the home invasion robbery that occurred between 2:55 a.m. and about 3:01 a.m. Saturday morning in a trailer park located at 271 SR-16 in St Augustine.

  • The investigation revealed 21-year-old Jade Buck, a cashier in a fast food restaurant, from Talladega whose last reported address was 3581 Begonia Street, arranged to meet the victim at his residence for sex.  Upon arrival, Buck received $60 from the victim and then, an altercation ensued.
  • Buck summoned 30-year-old Francisco Valdez, an unemployed cook, from Inverness whose last reported address was 1265 Cypress Road, and another unknown man who were waiting outside the trailer.  The two men entered the residence and the victim was struck several times in the head with a hammer.  Buck and the two attackers removed the victim’s pants, taking his wallet, cell phone and money.

When deputies arrived on the scene, they found the victim inside the residence and blood on the floor in the living room.  St Johns County emergency medical personnel responded and provided transportation of the victim to Flagler Hospital for treatment of his injuries.  Deputies were able to interview the victim before he was removed from the residence.  He recalled that he was attacked by “at least two people” who took his wallet and cell phone.

The incident report states that Buck coordinated and participated in the home invasion robbery during which the victim was struck several times in the head with a hammer. Buck did directly aid, abet, counsel, and procure the robbery and was the direct beneficiary of the proceeds.

Following the robbery, Buck received a portion of the proceeds from the robbery.  As a previously convicted felon, she now qualifies for enhanced sentencing.  Buck subsequently acknowledged her involvement after she was contacted by law enforcement.

Francisco Valdez, who described Jade Buck as “his girlfriend” during an interview with deputies, denied any involvement in the incident.

According to affidavits obtained from witnesses at the scene, evidence collected, as well as admissions by Buck, investigators determined there was probable cause to arrest Valdez for participating in the home invasion.  Valdez reportedly smashed the cell phone of a witness inside the residence to prevent him from calling law enforcement, triggering an additional charge of tampering with or harassing a witness, victim, or informant.

All suspects fled the residence following the robbery.  Valdez, Buck, and the unknown second attacker, each received a portion of the proceeds from the robbery, which was later used to purchase crack cocaine, according to the report.

Buck told investigators that Valdez brought the hammer to the incident and identified him as the person who planned the robbery and repeatedly struck the victim in the head with the hammer. Valdez and Buck both remain in custody in the St Johns County Detention Facility; Valdez in lieu of $52,500 bond, and Buck in lieu of $50,000.