City bids “Bon Voyage” to 1879 Confederate veterans memorial

The fallout continues after our brilliantly overpaid city manager, John Regan, ensconced in the support of three-of-five St Augustine City Commissioners, delivered (un)expected relocation costs, above those approved by the commission, a boat ride via a rented barge, vandalism and arson against the memorial at it’s new home — closer to Clay County and Mandarin (Jacksonville) than the sacred ground where it stood peacefully for more than 140-years.

A better, safer, and more responsible solution was made available through an extraordinarily benevolent offer from Mark Bailey — the son of a former mayor of the city.

But, since the offer included a peaceful solution to the domestic terrorist who now controls the man who arguably controls the city’s checkbook, John Regan capitulated to the gun-slinging thug, Reverend Ronald Rawls — who rules St Augustine from his lair in Gainesville.

Now Rawls has announced that he intends to punish Mark Bailey by holding one his trademarked disruptive protests at Flagler College where Mark and the other members of the Board of Trustees are meeting. Now Rawls is demanding that Bailey resign or be removed by the Board because he says Bailey attempted, unsuccessfully, to thwart the removal of the local Confederate soldier’s memorial, an authentic artifact of the American Civil War.