City charter amendments pass in St Augustine

In the City of St Augustine, Historic City News confirmed that city voters overwhelmingly approved two amendments to the City’s governing document — the City Charter.  In November, those voters will return to the polls to elect a mayor for the next two years and two commissioners who will each serve four-year terms. 

Every two years, the City seats a new majority to its governing commission.  The elected commissioners select the two key positions in city government — the city manager and the city attorney.

The first new amendment will require commissioners to have lived in the city continuously and maintained voter registration in the city for at least a year before they can qualify for election or appointment.

Commissioners will also be required to maintain physical residence and voter registration while in office.

Of 3,287 votes cast for that amendment, 2,999 people voted yes.

That’s more than 91% of the votes.

The second amendment will extend the terms of police and fire department representatives on the city’s Civil Service Board from one year to three years each.

Of the 3,258 votes cast for that amendment, 2,641 people voted for it.

That’s about 81% of the votes.