County NFIP Rating Provides Insurance Discounts

Historic City News subscribers who hold property insurance policies through the National Flood Insurance Program will be happy to learn that the newly announced CRS Class 5 community fire rating will be of benefit to owners of flood-prone property on or after October 1, 2020.

The discount is supposed to be automatically applied, however, property owners will be able to locate the properly applied discount on their National Flood Insurance Program policy’s Declaration Page.  Regardless, it is your responsibility to see that the proper fire rating is applied to your property and that you are receiving the benefit of any discounts that are available.

“In Special Flood Hazard Areas, the new rating provides a 25% discount to all policyholders,” according to a statement from the St Johns County media spokesperson.  “Additionally, a 10% discount will be applied to all standard-rated NFIP flood insurance policies in X zones.”

If you have specific questions about how the new fire rating will affect you, help is available.  For more information call 904.827.6800 (Option 5).

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