On-Beach Driving potentially impacted due to high tides

Historic City News subscribers who drive on and enjoy St. Johns County’s outstanding public beaches are facing limitations to on-beach driving during the next few days, Some other beach activities may be curtailed due to the impact of expected high tides.  If activated, any limitations will apply to all public beaches and could continue through next week.

Coastal flooding than began yesterday, Saturday, October 17, 2020, brought high tides and strong onshore winds.  These conditions are expected to impact all St. Johns County beaches, if they continue. Due to these conditions, beach visitors are advised to call ahead before traveling.

Beach Management officials are recommending that everyone exercise caution when swimming in the ocean.  Our Lifeguard Corps cannot be everywhere all the time; however, the risk for rip currents and rough ocean conditions remains high.

For the most up-to-date information on beach access and driving conditions, please follow @SJCBeaches on Facebook and Twitter or download the St. Johns County “Reach the Beach” app for your mobile device.

More information is available by calling 904.209.0333.