Elections office reports one emergency change of polling place

TODAY is St Patrick’s Day, Tuesday, March 17th and it is also Election Day in St Johns County.  Supervisor of Elections Vicky Oakes reported to Historic City News this morning that only one precinct polling location, Pct. 306 Coquina Crossing Community Center, has been moved.  All other precincts are opening in just 45-minutes.

All regular polling places will be open within the hour, 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.,  including those county facilities that are closed due to COVID-19.

Pct. 306 Coquina Crossing Community Center had to be relocated to Good News Church, located at 1357 Wildwood Drive in St. Augustine.

Today, voters are required to vote at their precinct; however, in cases of an emergency to the extent the voter will be unable to go to their assigned polling place, they may vote by mail at the Elections Office upon completion of the affidavit required by s. 101.62(4)(c)5, Florida Statutes.

Vote by mail ballots MUST be returned to the Elections Office no later than 7 PM on Tuesday in order to count. Vote by mail ballots cannot be turned in at the polls. There is a 24 hr. drop box in front of the Elections Office. Red Drop boxes are no longer available on election day.

Amid concerns of the coronavirus, many voters in St. Johns County will travel to their local neighborhood polling place to exercise their right to vote. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes will be provided at all voting locations for use by poll workers and voters. Workers will be cleaning surfaces on a regular basis. It’s important everyone use common sense and follow good basic hygiene – wash your hands regularly.

For more information or to locate your election day polling place visit www.votesjc.com or call 904.823-2238.