Local dentist arrested and charged with stalking

At about 7:53 p.m., Thursday, February 6, 2020, a reported stalking victim, first told her story to a deputy sheriff investigating her complaint against local dentist, 74-year-old Clemens H. Byatt.  On Wednesday, April 1, 2020, deputy Dominic Russo was again called to the residence of the victim.

Russo documented that Byatt loaned the victim $86,000 to buy a condominium in 2019.  To date, Byatt confirmed that about $3,000 of the loan has been repaid.  The victim, however, told Russo that the money was a gift from Byatt, although neit\her signed a written contract.

She says that soon after the loan was made, Byatt began making inappropriate, unwanted advances towards her.  The victim told the deputy that she tried to distance herself from Byatt; however, after being told to stop, Byatt continued to call, text, and send messages to the victim, at times using a different phone number or e-mail address.  Repeated calls and voicemail were received from Byatt demanding repayment of the loan, or for the victim to sign the property over to another, unnamed party.

Between September 9, 2019 and March 28, 2020, Byatt followed a course of conduct that caused the victim substantial emotional distress.  According to the affidavit accompanying the arrest report, Byatt willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly harassed, intimidated, and threatened the victim; against the victim’s will and without the victim’s permission.

Byatt reportedly continued after being told on numerous occasions to cease and desist any contact with cthe victim or her teenage child.  Byatt escalated his actions placing the victim and her teenager in great fear for their lives.

The teenage victim, a 15-year-old, told deputies that Byatt was recently seen at night driving a golf cart behind the victim’s residence and that Byatt possessed a “hit list” of people he will kill.

Prior to his arrest on April 1st, Byatt was interviewed by local law enforcement.  In his statement, Byatt claimed that he loaned the victim $86,000 to buy a condominium and the loan proceeds were not a gift.  He confirmed that neither had signed a written contract and that about $3,000 of the loan has been repaid.

Byatt disputes the victim’s accusations, claiming that he made no sexual advances toward the victim.  Further, Byatt stated that he made no threats towards the victim or their child.  Byatt admited to police that he would drink alcohol on a daily basis.

Byatt was arrested at his residence located at 3041 Mac Rd in St Augustine, charging him with following, harassing, or cyberstalking another.  Dr. Byatt was booked at 12:30 p.m. into the St Johns County Detention Facility, then released about 8-hours later after posting $500.00 bond on the first-degree misdemeanor charge.