Ronald Rawls is a racist aggressor with pure hatred for all Caucasians and NOT a man of God

Ronald Rawls in his own disturbed state of mind attempting to agitate black citizens to cause violence in peaceful neighborhoods and at peaceful businesses, unless they are black-owned.

This man calls himself “Reverend”, assaulting the character of decent men and women who provide the moral compass of St Augustine and St Johns County simply because they are calling for peace and consideration of other human beings.

Those peaceful principles, the constructs of the preaching of Dr Martin Luther King, are rejected by Ronald Rawls — even though Rawls likens himself to Dr King. The two men and their legacies will never be similar.

The African-Methodist-Episcopal church leaders should defrock Ron Rawls for being a false prophet of God and disciple of dangerous, venomous hate speech both in his “church” and in the public eye.

We at Historic City News find that Rawls is a domestic terrorist in every sense of the term. He is a common thug, a race-baiter, and an immoral influence on the congregation to which he was entrusted, and the community at large.

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