2021 St Johns County Annual Access, On-Beach Driving, and Parking Passes

St Johns County on-beach driving passes for the 2021 beach season have been available for purchase by Historic City News subscribers since December 7, 2020.  No doubt, some were purchased and exchanged as gifts this Holiday season. But, for those who purchased 2020 annual on-beach driving passes, retain your sticker; they have been extended through the new year.

With over 40 miles of scenic coastline, St Johns County beaches offer some of the best recreational and wildlife viewing opportunities in the beautiful State of Florida.

“For more information on our beaches, visit and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  Learn about our many beachfront parks which provide easy access to our beaches,” according to the county Parks and Recreation Department.

Unfortunately, if you have lost or misplaced your purchased 2020 on-beach driving pass, it cannot be replaced and will require the purchase of a new pass.

Passes for St Johns County residents cost $50, non-resident passes cost $100, and handicap accessible passes cost $40. For more information about cost qualifications, visit where to purchase.

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