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  • Constance Wiecking retires from River House Events

    Carolyn Karger reported to Historic City News this week that River House Events Sales and Marketing Manager Constance Wiecking has retired from the position she has held since River House was first constructed.

    Before the Council on Aging had even installed the drywall and River House was still an architectural drawing, Wiecking was creating the River House Events Division.  She booked the first wedding engagement at River House in May of 2009.

    “It has been my honor and pleasure to be a small part of hundreds of weddings and unique events held here over the past 12 years,” Wiecking shared. “COA and River House will always have a special place in my heart.”

    River House is a lifelong learning center located at 179 Marine Street in downtown St. Augustine that is operated by the Council on Aging.  Adults aged 18 and up have access to a wide range of continuing education courses.  On evenings and weekends, River House Events provides amenities for weddings, receptions, and events.

    “Please join us in thanking Constance, not only for her outstanding accomplishments in making River House what it is today, but also for enriching the lives of St. Johns County seniors for generations to come through her work for Council on Aging,” said Becky Yanni, COA’s Executive Director.

    Thanks to her dedication, hard work, and impeccable taste, Yanni told local reporters that River House has earned a 5-star rating and won multiple awards as an events venue.

    While proceeds generated from events are utilized to repay the financing for River House, once the loan is repaid, events proceeds will go on to support more programming for seniors and caregivers through COA.

    Allison Wilson will be taking on the role of Sales and Marketing Director for River House Events. She has an extensive background in events sales and marketing in St. Johns County.  Wilson first came to St. Augustine to study at culinary school. 

    She started out as a fine-dining chef at Sawgrass Marriott in Ponte Vedra Beach before joining their Catering and Conference Services team. Wilson has also provided event sales for the Casa Monica Hotel and the Treasury in St. Augustine. She first met Constance through the St. Augustine Wedding and Events Association about nine years ago.

    “I had heard about Constance through professional contacts long before we met,” Allison reflected. “She has the most amazing accolades. I thought, ‘Who is this woman?’ She’s just a legend.”