Democratic Governors criticize DeSantis on re-election filing

Claiming that Florida is fed up with Republican Governor Ron DeSantis and his “games”, a spokesman for the Democratic Governors Association is calling DeSantis “vulnerable” as the governor officially filed paperwork to run for re-election this week.

In recent reports, Historic City News has found that some school boards across the state, including those in Republican strongholds, have rebelled against the governor’s anti-mask mandates. Some elected Republican officials have been critical of DeSantis’ response to COVID-19.

“Floridians are fed up with DeSantis’ self-serving political games, and the Democratic Governors Association will continue holding him accountable,” Executive Director Noam Lee said. “Whether they’re a Democrat, Republican, a parent, business owner, educator, or health care worker — there’s not a single Floridian who hasn’t been hurt by DeSantis’ colossal leadership failures.”

Lee went on to call the governor a “hypocrite who has repeatedly put himself first — no matter the cost to Floridians’ health and financial security”.

According to DGA Executive Director Lee, DeSantis has chosen his own political agenda over Floridians, and it’s made him extremely vulnerable in what he says will be a competitive battleground state in 2022. The Democratic Governors Association says Floridians from across the political spectrum are increasingly fed up.