Letter: Reinstate safety of St Johns Forest school bus

Kim J Kendall
St Johns County

Dear Historic City News:

After nearly 10-years of having two buses pick up students from St Johns Forest and take them to Liberty Pines Academy, the School Board voted unanimously in October 2018 to end the second school bus service.

Now, students who live in the back half of the neighborhood, which lies within 2 miles of Liberty Pines Academy, are forced to walk or ride their bikes to school along CR-2209 and Interstate connector 9B.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 3, Superintendent Tim Forson will present his plan to continue to leave Liberty Pines Academy students without school bus service if they live in the back half of St Johns Forest.

We have been told that the reason Superintendent Forson made exceptions for students who live elsewhere in the school district is because “the residents of St Johns Forest can afford their own transportation — unlike other areas in the district.”

How can the School Board Chairman state at a recent joint public meeting regarding the CR-2209 school path, “this is a dangerous situation”, and “I wouldn’t want my child walking on that corridor,” and then vote to deny those same students the safety of a school bus?

I hope that the members of the St Johns County School District are willing to do the right thing at their Tuesday meeting.  No longer deny school bus service to Liberty Pines Academy students simply because they live in the back half of St Johns Forest.

Have Superintendent Forson make a “special authorization” for these children before someone is terribly hurt, or worse.