Public Notice of Pollution – St Johns County

Pursuant to Section 403.077, F.S., the Florida Department of Environmental Protection informed local Historic City News reporters that they have received the following Public Notice of Pollution for a reportable release that occurred within St Johns County.

St Johns County Environmental Division Manager Tony Cubbedge completed his initial report of the incident on Tuesday January 12th. The incident, “Osprey Cove Ln”, State Watch Office Case Number: 2021190, reportedly began at about 7:00 a.m. Tuesday January 12, 2021, and was ongoing as of 4:08 p.m.

“At the time of the initial report, inspectors found that float balls had been hung in the lift station causing manholes to back up with grease and flow into a storm water pond,” Cubbedge said.  “The storm water pond was not discharging at the time, so no surface waters were impacted.”

St Johns County was the only county affected by the incident, the report notes said.

The incident was located at Lat: 30.251051623344875, Long: -81.40363761597995
Marsh Landing, 166 Marsh Cove Dr, Ponte Vedra Beach

“Warning signs were placed around the storm water pond and the area was cleaned and sanitized.  Water quality monitoring has begun at the storm water pond,” Cubbedge said in his report.  “A mixed flush valve has been installed to help dissipate any future grease issues.  The float balls have been modified with chains and weights and the station was vacuumed and cleaned.”

Added information on this incident may be available. The name of the incident is “Osprey Cove Ln” and the reporting agency is the St Johns County Environmental Division. Contact the reporting official by telephone at (904) 209-2620 or by e-mail at