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H W Davis
  • Civic Roundtable hosts public meeting on sales tax increase

    The St. Johns County Civic Roundtable will host a town hall presentation led by St Johns County Commission chair Henry Dean at noon on Monday, October 10th, regarding the proposed 1¢ sales tax increase.

    Historic City News subscribers and the public are invited to attend the open meeting being held in the newly renovated Waterworks Building located at 184 San Marco Avenue in St Augustine. All are encouraged to attend to learn how the tax increase will impact county residents.

    “St Johns County District 5 Commissioner Henry Dean will present information about the sales tax and how the proceeds of the sales tax will be used,” a spokesperson for the Civic Roundtable said. “Residents are invited to attend and to ask questions so that they will be informed prior to voting on the issue on the November 8th ballot.”

    The county commission voted 4-1 to send the sales tax increase to a referendum, meaning voters have the chance to reject or approve it. Commissioner Paul Waldron voted against the decision.

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